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Lisa smiled as she skipped up the steps of her high school.  It was just the second day of the 18-year-old’s senior year, but she had every reason to be excited about her final year of high school.  The clever and mysterious young woman had come up with a plan, a plan that if completed, would allow her to get through her senior year without doing a single bit of work…

She had put the first part of her plan into place the day before, when she realized that Amanda, the head cheerleader, was in all but one of her classes that year.  Amanda was a straight A student, defying the typical ‘blonde cheerleader’ stereotype; but, though very ‘book smart’, she wasn’t quite as smart in other ways.  Lisa had slipped into the locker room after cheer practice and caught the pretty cheerleader all alone, in the process of changing out of her cheer outfit.  

Lisa had pretended that she was looking for someone else, but the truth was, Amanda was exactly who she was looking for.  Before she knew it, Lisa was standing in front of her, and Amanda was breathing in her intoxicating perfume, and it was messing with her head…and before Amanda knew what had happened, Lisa had her down on one of the benches, Lisa’s head between Amanda’s legs, pleasuring her, causing her to climax in a matter of minutes.

Amanda was shocked at what had happened, and kept insisting she wasn’t like that – she was dating the captain of the football team…and Lisa smiled and told her that she could keep a secret, on one condition…that Amanda did all of Lisa’s work in all four of their shared classes for the rest of the year.  At first, Amanda balked at the idea, but once she realized what would happen if the ‘lesbian encounter’ became public knowledge, she nodded and agreed to Lisa’s terms.

It had almost been too easy, Lisa thought, as she entered the school the next morning.  She could now enjoy four of her five classes for the rest of the year; show up, pretend to be paying attention, and turn in all her assignments on time, without having to do a single one!  There was still the matter of her fifth class, though – her world geography class, which was the last class of the day, but that would be the second part of her plan.

World geography was being taught that year by Ms. Denise Upton, a pretty, younger teacher who had just moved there when her husband had accepted a high-paying job in the nearby city.  Before then, she had taught for two years in an all-girls school.  Lisa had seen Denise yesterday for the first time, when she walked into her class; as she observed the way the boys in the class reacted to their new teacher, she began to have some ideas of how she might use it all to her advantage…

The day went by quickly, and soon it was almost time for the final bell to ring.  Lisa had been quietly observing her teacher the entire period, as Denise moved around the room.  Denise was wearing a dark blue pinstriped skirt suit, which stopped a few inches above her knee, with a light blue blouse under the jacket, and a pair of black open-toed backless, strapless pumps.  Her brown hair was held up with a butterfly clip in the back, she wore pretty brown-rimmed glasses which matched her eyes, and bright red lipstick which matched her painted fingernails and toenails.  Lisa made careful note of all of these things, including the wedding band on the teacher’s left hand.  She watched how the boys gawked at Denise, and how she reacted – coming from an all-girls school, it was obvious she wasn’t used to this kind of attention from the opposite sex.

The bell rang, and most of the class got up quickly, eager to leave for the day.  Lisa took her time getting her things together, as she watched one other student stick around – Brad, one of the senior football players, who was quite tall and handsome but alas, not the brightest.  He approached Denise’s desk as the teacher was closing her books and putting them away.

“Hi…Brad?” she asked.  “Is there something I can help you with?”

“You sure are pretty, teacher,” he answered, and before Denise knew what was happening, he had reached into her jacket and grabbed one of her ample breasts, giving it a good squeeze.  

She gasped in shock and outrage.  “Hey!” she exclaimed, “what do you think you’re”-

Before she could finish, Lisa, who had been watching the entire time, had come up behind Brad and grabbed him by the arm, yanking him around.  “She’s a teacher, how dare you, don’t you have any manners?” she scolded him roughly.  Brad’s head dropped as he turned sheepishly back to Denise and muttered, “sorry, teacher” before scurrying out of the classroom.

Denise was still breathing a bit hard as she looked over to Lisa.  “Thank you, thank you so much…” and then it was obvious she still hadn’t learned everyone’s name yet.

“It’s Lisa,” her student replied, “are you all right?”  She moved a bit closer, putting her hand gently on her teacher’s shoulder.

“Yes, thank you, that was just so…unexpected!” she gushed.  

“Well, he’s a boy, so, you might want to get used to it, they just have one thing on their mind, you know,” Lisa replied, smiling as she comforted her still-trembling teacher.

“You mean…oh…” Denise blushed a bit as her eyes widened, and she nodded.  

“Well, it’s the price we pay, I guess, for being so beautiful,” Lisa grinned, as her teacher blushed again at the compliment.  “Speaking of beautiful…I absolutely LOVE your nails!  What kind is that?”  She was still standing close to Denise, letting the young teacher breathe in her perfume, the same perfume she had been wearing the afternoon before, as she reached out to take hold of Denise’s right hand, admiring her sparkly red nails.

“It’s OPI…” Denise replied, “but I can’t seem to remember the name…” She hadn’t pulled her hand away from Lisa – she seemed to be starting to relax and enjoy the attention a bit.  “Your perfume…it’s really, umm, nice…”

“It is, isn’t it?” Lisa smiled as she gently held Denise’s hand still, caressing it slowly as she spoke.  “It’s called Curious, it’s my absolute favorite…” She glanced at Denise’s forehead, she appeared to be sweating slightly.  “Aren’t you burning up in here, wearing that jacket?  It must be 80 degrees today…

“It is…kinda warm,” Denise breathed as Lisa’s hand that had been resting on her teacher’s shoulder began to gently pull the dark blue jacket off.  She could see the trepidation in Denise’s eyes, but she met no resistance as she slid the jacket completely away and off.

“Lisa…” Denise mumbled, “what are you – mmmm…” she was interrupted suddenly as Lisa pressed in and gave her a deep, sensual kiss, letting it linger for a few seconds, then pulling away.  Denise was panting breathlessly as Lisa guided her up onto the large brown teacher’s desk, pulling the bewildered teacher’s arms over her head with one hand, as the other smoothly slid her skirt up to the top of her thighs.

“Stop, what if someone sees us...?”  Denise gasped.

“There is no one on this floor but you and me,” Lisa replied, smiling.

“No.... we shouldn't.... this isn't right... I'm your teacher... I'm a married woman... we can't do this... we....”  

Denise’s protests were cut short as Lisa’s hand slid up between her legs.  “Shhh.... We're already doing it...”

“Oh god!”  Denise gasped, as her student completely took control…

And so that is how Lisa managed to have the best, not to mention the easiest, senior year she could have ever imagined…
A story I did a while back to accompany the amazing image done by :iconsrsvision: which can be found here: [link]
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bob-warden Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
A great story, for a wonderful image! The sensuality and the eroticism of this story, is almost mind blowing! It builds up nice and smooth to the last scene, and goes really well with the image. Very nice, way to go!
Curia-DD Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you thank you thank you!!

This was one of the first images that I saw that inspired me to write a story for it and I am happy I was able to do it justice!
JovianJ Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
That was a delightfully steamy and tender story, a great expansion to the image. Brava!
Curia-DD Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! Sometimes an image is so powerful and intense that I feel compelled to give it a story, that was one! :)
saloniko Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
"She could see the trepidation in Denise’s eyes, but she met no resistance as she slid the jacket completely away and off."

Very hot.
Curia-DD Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks!!! The image it's based off is still one of my alltime favs :)
saloniko Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
yes agree - i love the whole trepidation but no actual resistance idea - insanely hot
Bowski--Productions Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
Very erotic indeed, especially when read/viewed in tandem with the inspirational image! Oh yeah ;)
Curia-DD Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I am going to be doing more of these 'tributes' to images I love :)
Bowski--Productions Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
That shows what a lovely, appreciative person you are!
I'm sure SRSVision was well pleased with your naughty tale :p
Curia-DD Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes he was. :)
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